In Chicago, DJ KHAALIQ (Keevin Muhammad) is known as one of the most humble street jocks on the music
seen. Born, Phillips he started DJing in ’85 as a hobby. His greatest influence came in the
person of the late Jam Master Jay (RIP). In 1990, KHAALIQ turned professional and started what is now
known as KHAALIQ ENTERTAINMENT. He describes his style as, “Jesus speaking to the masses, in a slang
language.” He has mastered the art of the LIVE show and views disc jockeying as a performance and not
a service. Whereas some DJs sound great only on mix tapes and CDs, KHAALIQ scratches, blends, mixes,
and excites the crowd, all LIVE. There are no special computers or pre-recorded sounds that he relies
on. He depends solely on his passion, instinct, and a knack for the unexpected. He has put in years of
hard work to build a huge following and a working relationship with, Center Stage
Ent., A’ La Carte, The Soul Selectors (Chicago’s Largest DJ Organization), and other entertainment


As for the 90’s, KHAALIQ spent most of his time as a mobile DJ and developing his style. Under KHAALIQ
PRODUCTIONS, he promoted events, produced music, and toured, with multiple artists. While DJing behind
rap act, he learned the importance of the LIVE show. After years of perfecting his craft, he thinks
having a good LIVE performance is a GAURANATEE. “You always get called back.”


In 2001, DJ KHAALIQ released his first mix CD, “THE MESSAGE”. He followed up with “HOTTER THAN JULY,”
“DA MUSIQ” in 2003, and “THE REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE DIGITIZED” early ’05. With his Latest release,
”DECEPTIVE INTELLIGENCE” he is remaining true to his LIVE roots. KHAALIQ has opened for the likes of
Run-DMC, Jay Z, Twista, Lil Romieo, Luke, Common, and Master P. He has also provided music for R.
Kelly, Fabolous, Redman, Dem Franchise Boys and Method Man after-parties. He has landed residencies
at The Drink, Vision, Club Nu, Tini Martini, and also played The Mission, North Beach and Circus.
Cities like Milwaukee, Washington D.C., Memphis, and El Paso have tasted his flavorful turntable
techniques. In all, when it comes to DJ KHAALIQ, to know his work, is to see him at work, LIVE!!!!