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                                                               Khaaliq is American DJ,                                                               based in Chicago, with a deep                             love for music, he further feels a duty to play for the       uplifting of his fans. “Jesus Speaking To the Masses In a Slang Language” is how he has been quoted, describing he style, “It’s a Soul Stirring Experience” –DJ Khaaliq  

Born Kēvin Phillips, on a farm in the small Mississippi town of Holly Springs, spending his formative years being reared by hardworking Great-Grandparents, he developed a diligent work ethic. After his single mother, went north to Illinois’ 2nd city Aurora, with her two sons, he started school and spend his evenings with four older female cousins. Acting as babysitters, these teenage ladies, being music lovers, established

the foundation for

young Kēvin to

build on.

In 1990,


now 21

years old

calling himself

K-ottic K, would

start Khaaliq Productions,

with Gary Cooper, Xavier Lamont and Khalifah Shabazz. With all members being Disc Jockeys, the HipHop production team, would promote parties to purchase production gear and enjoy local success. As a natural progression, the group added homegrown rappers to the roster, with the intent to release records from these artists. Having Jam Master Jay as his major influence, this new lineup put K right where he dreamed of, on stage behind MCs, as a show DJ.  


After the Khaaliq Productions dismantled in the early 2000s, plus a name change, Keevin Muhammad found himself spinning nightclub gigs, producing mixtapes and promoting events, all unaccompanied. Following years                         of contemplating, and having come                                                           up with the name for the                                                                          company, he rebranded himself                                                                as DJ KHAALIQ!! 

                                                                  By 2007, those years as a                                                                     mobile DJ, touring DJ,                                                                             composing music, party                                                                         promoting and sound                                                                           engineering, would all                                                                           contribute to the                                                                                   upsurge in this                                                                                    amazing career.                                                                                   Khaaliq has release                                                                            over twenty compilation                                                                     albums, open shows for                                                                     the likes of Run DMC, Jay                                                                  Z, Luke, Common and Master                                                          P, provided sounds for Fabolous, Redman,                                     R Kelly, Dem Franchise Boys and Method Man after-parties. The cities of LA, New York, Miami, ATL, DC and Vegas have all tasted his flavor of song programing. Chicago’s WGCI, Power92, Jackson’s BDAY, Dekalb’s WNIU radio stations, along with the countries of South Africa, Singapore and Germany are all ear witnesses to these award winning music mixes. 

Now, owner of Khaaliq Media, Khaaliq is co-host and producer of the Keevin&Marc Marc&Keevin Podcast, one half owner of MPAC Media, owner of CHIFLAV Events, Tu Sisi Hair Hub, Tu Sisi Lounge and Event Space, Ejaz Systems, INTees Apparel, and still a Full Time DJ, working multiple nights weekly.   

Mastering HipHop, Afro Beat, R&B, Soul, Disco, Reggae, House and other kinds of music, he                                                                   doesn’t believe in genres,                                                                   “It’s All Soul Music” -DJ                                                                  

Khaaliq. Be it night clubs,                                                                  

festivals, or arena shows,                                                                  

DJ KHAALIQ is ready to                                                                  

add value & a rich                                                                  

touching vibe to your                                                                  


Khaaliq is maintaining a                                                                   

  working relationship with                                                                    event promoters; Don Ski                                                                  

Ent, Miller Time                                                                  

Promotions, Kanari Blue,                                                                    Chicago Night  Life,                                                                  

Center  Stage Ent, A’                                                                  

La Carte and others.                                                                  

DJ Khaaliq is a 20 plus                                                                  

year member of the Soul                                                                  

Selector DJs, Chicago’s                                                                  

largest DJ organization.                                                                  


Weekly DJ Residencies:

Redstar Tavern | Tailgaters | Mora | Bar 10 Door | La Sierra              


Social Media: 10k Instagram 16k TikTok   @djkhaaliq                        


2007 Truth Awards Mixtape of the Year                                              


COO of Soul Selector DJs (Chicago’s largest DJ organization)                        


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              2007 TRUTH AWARDS  

  DJ Khaaliq's Deceptive Intelligence                                                                   Wins Mixtape of the Years

PLUGGED Magazine  Plugged Spotlight                       

Features DJ Khaaliq                            



                            Plugged Magazine   

                                  Publishes DJ Khaaliq's Reply To

                                  BET's Notorized #4, 50 Dopest MCs 

                            Scratch Magazine  Mixtape Massacre 

                                  DJ Khaaliq's Truth Awards 2007 Mixtape

                                  of the Mixtape Winner



  • 2 Airline Seats (DJ Khaaliq & Manager) (Business Class & Up0

  • 2 Hotel Rooms (4 Star & UP)

  • Driver, SUV Transportation (Airport, Hotel, Restaurants & Show Venue)  


  • 12 bottles of water

  • 2 towels to remove sweat during performance

  • 1 Dressing Room


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